Success Secrets of Top ViSalus Earners

Imagine being a fly on the wall and learning EXACTLY what a top ViSalus earner is doing to reach their level of success…

Imagine getting a hold of all their secrets and techniques that make them a multiple six-figure income…

Imagine getting a hold of a blueprint that lays it all out for you.

Is that worth something to you?

Probably, right?

Not sure?  Check out this video and decide for yourself….


Pretty cool, huh?

Now, what if someone was able to do this type of exercise with ALL the top ViSalus earners.  Someone who invested hours upon hours pouring over the interviews and then synthesizing the information into the most important takeaways.

What if the result was a Roadmap to success for any promoter who decided to follow it?

Now would you find that valuable?

If you are looking into becoming or are already a ViSalus promoter, I have no doubt in my mind you will want to get your hands on this priceless information. The timing for a tool such as this is impeccable given the plans for International expansion and the new Challenge being released on January 5th, 2013, that will literally put the diet and fitness industry on its ear.

Right now, I have an exclusive offer for the new ViSalus promoters who join our team:  You have the opportunity to receive this Roadmap at no additional charge when you join our team with the ViSalus Executive or Star track.

Simply Follow this Link and Join the Challenge today.

For those of you who are already ViSalus distributors, I am thinking about releasing this as a paid product in the near future.  If you are interested in purchasing it for yourself, or as a training tool for your team, please leave a comment below to let me know.

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ViSalus’ next International market is going to be Europe – ViSalus Europe here we come!

visalus europeNext stop, ViSalus Europe.

This breaking news was just leaked from the CEO of ViSalus Sciences, Ryan Blair.

Have you heard that the next international market for the ViSalus 90-day challenge is going to be Europe.

While Blair did not elaborate on the precise launch dates for ViSalus Europe, he did mention in his communique that the move across the pond would be happening in 2013?

Speculation is that the ViSalus Europe move will focus on Spain, France and the UK, but there is no official word on the precise locations as of yet.

However, considering that the current languages supported by the Vi-Net system and ViSalus marketing materials are in French, English, and Spanish, this move makes sense.

If you are interested in getting in early on the pre-launch of ViSalus Europe, we may have a spot available for you right now.

ViSalus Europe leaders wanted right now!

We are looking for North Americans that already have a network of contacts in Europe !

Does the thought of being at the forefront of an international expansion appeal to you?

Can you see yourself being a leader as we take the challenge into Europe and beyond?

Then we want to hear from you right away.

Simply visit and leave your contact info in the guest book and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours to discuss this unique opportunity and the value you could bring as a market spearhead leader. If we mutually agree on there being a fit, then we’ll share the immediate and long term action plan with you.

So are you ready for ViSalus Europe, leave your contact info in our guestbook today!

Making the best of the ViSalus Guranteed Director Promotion

visalusHey team, if you missed it, ViSalus is guaranteeing you will reach the rank of Director if you follow this simple system.

I mean really?  Have you ever heard of any Direct Sales company offering such a guarantee?  This is truly unprecedented!

Here is the link for the complete details of this promotion (ViSalus Guaranteed Director Pack).

So what is this “system” that is so proven that ViSalus is willing to guarantee you will achieve rank promotion?

Well, it’s so simple that many have thought it was just too simple and dismissed it.  BIG MISTAKE!

Time and again, those who just followed the system – over and over again – shot through the ViSalus ranks like a hot knife through butter.

So here it is:

Pick 2 and Party.

Yep. That’s it!

“Really, it has to be more complicated than that to run a successful ViSalus business….”

Nope. That’s it!

Pick a tool. Show it to your prospect. Ask them what they liked best. Pick another tool. Show it to your prospect. Ask them what they liked best, and invite them to a Challenge Party.

Oh yeah, I forgot…Then push Blend on the blender and push Play on your DVD player.

Now that’s it.

No selling.

No recruiting business opportunity seekers only (like most others do),

No convincing, cajoling, bribing, begging, or forcing.

Just using the tools – Like the magazines and Taster packs – and letting the prospect decide for themselves whether they want to be a customer or a ViSalus promoter.

So let’s get back to the ViSalus guaranteed Director promo for a moment.

If you use these 2 tools and get your prospect to attend a Challenge Party, you are pretty much guaranteed to reach the level of Director.  It’s merely a numbers game. Hand out 25 magazines and 25 Taster Packs, you will get a certain percentage who will attend your challenge parties.

Of that percentage, you will get some who join the Challenge and at least 3 who will want to promote the Challenge.  Statistics have shown that a good Challenge party of at least 10 attendees result in $2000 in volume and 3 promoters.  That is precisely what is needed to reach director.  Coincidence?

Absolutely not.

If you are already a promoter and not yet a director, log in to your ViNet (online or through your mobile app) and purchase your guaranteed director kit right away.  Then call me and I’ll personally run all the way to director with you this month.

On the other hand, if you are not on our team yet and if you want to become a ViSalus promoter, here is a golden opportunity to not only reach Director but also become a ViSalus Rising Star by achieving that rank in your first month as a promoter.


  1. enroll as a ViSalus promoter,
  2. make sure you are active ($125 personal volume or $200 customer volume)
  3. purchase the guaranteed director pack for $199
  4. follow the system that I will personally train you on within hours of you joining our team.

Get Started Today!  While this promotion is still on (the guaranteed director pack must be purchased in August) Click below now!

ViSalus distributor

If you want to see the fine print to the ViSalus Guaranteed Director Promo, here it is:

Visalus Guaranteed Director Promo Details

If you have questions about becoming a promoter, give me a call at 514.268.9997.  – Leave a detailed message and I’ll call you right back!

To your success,


ViSalus Community Challenge Leader

What is Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge?

I hear from many friends who have seen my posts and stories I relay about the 90 day challenge, but they seem afraid to ask the question “What is Body by Vi 90 day challenge, anyway?”what is body by vi

So if you’re asking this question too, here’s your answer.

What is Body by Vi – Taking the 90 day challenge

Taking the 90 day challenge is making a commitment to yourself and your loved ones that you want to improve your life.

You are making a statement that you care about them and that you want to improve your health.

You are setting small goals and making lifestyle changes one challenge at a time that will stick with you forever.

You are taking back control of your life and your health.

Are you up for a challenge? What is it going to be?


What is Body by Vi – Promoting the 90 day challenge

Promoting the 90 day challenge is not marketing and it’s not sales.

It’s about helping people get healthier, it’s about giving people choice. It’s about empowering people to make positive changes in their lives – 90 days at a time.90 day challenge

Since two thirds of people have weight related health goals, it’s also about taking this obesity epidemic that is killing us and kicking it to the curb.

What is Body by Vi?

It’s about giving people a second chance in life.

It’s about letting grandparents have the strength and energy to enjoy time with their grandkids.

Its about helping our children get active and actually living longer than us.

What is Body by Vi?

It’s about recognizing the damage the fast food industry is actually doing to us and offering a healthier and more economical alternative. It’s about educaton, and opening eyes to healthy choices.

It’s about finding the energy to enjoy life, that you lost after all those years of neglect and unhealthy eating.what is body by vi

It’s about giving hope for a better life, better health, and prosperity.

So why am I promoting what is the Body by Vi challenge?

I have seen first hand the powerful and life-changing results of the 90 day challenge…my friends, my acquaintances, my family, myself.

I am on a mission to tell as many people as I can about it until I feel I have made a difference!

Most of us want to know we left this earth feeling like we’ve made a difference too!

We all know people who could be healthier. It pains us to sit idly by and watch our friends, our family, and our society kill itself as we stuff our faces with empty calories we trhink are normal and become more and more sedentary.

All in the name of progress and convenience.

I know that you are probably feeling helpless and frustrated that people are oblivious to the damage they are doing to themselves and that they are completely oblivious that there is a better, simpler, healthier, and cheaper way!

So am I mistaken? Am I wrong to perceive you as someone who would want to help and educate others?

That you would feel an OBLIGATION to help others if you had a solution..

Would you not feel an extreme satisfaction, if a friend came up to you in 3 months and said they owed their life to you?

If you answered yes to this, then we need to talk. Visit our site to learn more about what is Body by Vi and enter your contact information.  Or if you prefer, find me on Facebook and send me a private message there.

I will explain our crusade, and the vehicle to better health we call : the 90 day challenge!

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Body by Vi Bimmer scam

I can tell you firsthand about a Body by Vi Bimmer scam …body by vi bmw scam

I can tell you this because our family has qualified for the ViSalus Bimmer club twice!  Both me and my wife are earning the Bimmer bonus and therefore we can say “there is no Body by Vi Bimmer scam!”

The ViSalus Bimmer Club is legitimate and really cool!
Now, if you don’t know what the program is all about, I suggest you learn that from reading the program guidelines available on the ViSalus site and then taking a read of our complimentary explanations of the ViSalus Bimmer Program.   We say this because if you don’t go direct to the source, you may be mislead or misinformed.

Some people claim there is a Body by Vi Bimmer scam

As far as I can tell, the only people who claim a Body by Vi Bimmer scam either don’t really understand how it works or had been misled by somebody who didn’t understand how it works!

No Body by Vi Bimmer Scam here…

Personally, I have never seen a compensation plan that is so generous to it’s promoters at every level of the organization.  And how cool is it to have your car payments taken care of when you are still starting out and your residual income is just ramping up!  That’s when you need it the most and it just makes sense for ensuring promoter retention as well.

Here is a neat video that illustrates the amazing Body by VI Bimmer bonus.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a ViSalus Body by Vi promoter, I highly recommend you enter your email below to download our free reportThe 3 most common mistakes new ViSalus distributors make and what you need to do to avoid them!”  and then we can have a meaningful conversation together.

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